Organic Matter

Organic matter (or organic material, natural organic matter) is matter that has come from a once-living organism; is capable of decay, or the product of decay; or is composed of organic compounds. The definition of organic matter varies upon the subject for which it is being used.

Organic matter is broken down remains of plants and animals in the environment. Basic structures are created from cellulose, tannin, cutin, and lignin, along with other various proteins, lipids, and sugars. It is very important in the movement of nutrients in the environment and plays a role in water retention on the surface of the planet.

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Organic Matter - Vitalism
... The equation of "organic" with living organisms comes from the now-abandoned idea of vitalism that attributed a special force to life that alone could create organic substances ...
Soil Biodiversity - Soil Management and Biodiversity - Soil Process Impacts
... below the root zone inappropriate use of nitrogenous fertilizers and build up of organic matter (Slattery Hollier, 2002) ... Extremely low pH soils may suffer from structural decline as a result of reduced microrganisms and organic matter – this brings a susceptibility to erosion under high ... Soil erosion leads to a loss of topsoil, organic matter and nutrients it breaks down soil structure and decreases water storage capacity, in turn reducing fertility ...
Cation-exchange Capacity - Organic Matter
... Organic materials in soil increase the CEC through an increase in available negative charges ... As such, organic matter build-up in soil usually positively impacts soil fertility ... However, organic matter CEC is heavily impacted by soil acidity as acidity causes many organic compounds to release ions to the soil solution ...
Nutrient Management in Sand-based Athletic Fields
... Sand has virtually no CEC, whereas clay and organic matter have relatively high CEC ... This means that the higher the clay and organic matter of a soil, the more nutrients it will hold ... The pure sand base will not hold on to nutrients until there is substantial organic matter incorporated into the soil to keep nutrients from leaching ...
Sand-based Athletic Fields - Aeration and Topdressing For Proper Thatch Management
... When there is a thick mat of organic matter near the surface of a field a second perched water table will form ... Taking up plugs and removing them from the surface eliminates much of the organic matter that is in the soil ... This is because they do not reduce the organic layer, but merely displace it ...

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