Organ Trade

Organ trade is the trade involving inner organs (heart, liver, kidneys, etc.) of a human for transplantation. There is a worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation, yet trade in human organs is illegal in all countries except Iran. The problem of organ trafficking is widespread, although data on the exact scale of the organ market is difficult to obtain. Whether or not to legalize the organ trade, and the appropriate way to combat illegal trafficking, is a subject of much debate.

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Nancy Scheper-Hughes - International Activism - Organ Trade
... with three other professors to launch Organs Watch, an organization dedicated to research on the global traffic in human organs, tracking the movements of people and organs around the globe, as well as ... program HARDtalk expressing her strong opposition to the open free buying and selling of organs, even if there were Government oversight through regulation ... She is opposed to the Iranian government's regulated organ donor program, involving cash rewards, and predicts it will fail ...
Organ Donation - Bioethical Issues - Teleological Issues
... or utilitarian grounds, the moral status of "black market organ donation" relies upon the ends, rather than the means ... In so far as those who donate organs are often impoverished and those who can afford black market organs are typically well-off, it would appear that there is an imbalance ... In many cases, those in need of organs are put on waiting lists for legal organs for indeterminate lengths of time — many die while still on a waiting list ...
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... In the developing world some people sell their organs ... a variety of human rights groups, including Organs Watch, a group established by medical anthropologists, which was instrumental in exposing illegal ... One surgeon has said that organ trade could be legalized in the UK to prevent such tourism, but this is not seen by the National Kidney Research Fund as the answer to a deficit in donors ...

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