• (adj): Fixed or established especially by order or command.
    Synonyms: appointed, decreed, prescribed
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Chronology Of The Quorum Of The Twelve Apostles (LDS Church) - 1980s
... 23 July 1981 Gordon B ... Hinckley called as a Counselor in the First Presidency ...
American Orthodox Catholic Church – Western Rite Mission, Diocese Of New York - Female Ordinations
... In the 1999, the AOCCW ordained Theresa Margaret Wilson, a nun and founder of the Benedictine Order of St ... Wilson, the first female ordained in the denomination would then go on to be ordained as a priest and finally, in 2005, became bishop of the Diocese of Colorado ...
Creativity (religion) - Ordained Ministers
... was Klassen's intention that every worthy Creator be an ordained minister in the church, not everybody is a leader and some have more experience than others ... Ordained ministers in Creativity are those who have proven themselves to be the right material, and have passed the Minister's Exam, written or vocally ... a several page essay as to why they wish to be ordained a minister in the religion ...
Charles Owen Rice
... In 1934, after studies at Duquesne University and Saint Vincent Seminary, he was ordained into the priesthood in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he served for seven decades ... His brother Patrick was also an ordained priest in Pittsburgh and a canon lawyer ... His cousin, also called Patrick Rice (June 1918 – June 8, 2010), was an ordained priest in Dublin and similarly elevated to the Canonry ...
... Born in Mandalay, he first ordained as a novice monk (samanera) on 14 April 1943 at the age of 16, during Thingyan celebrations ... He was ordained under Sayadaw U Pannavata at the Mahavijjodaya Chaung Monastery on the Sagaing Hills and given the Dharma name Sīlananda ... Four days later, he was re-ordained at Mandalay's Payagyi monastery ...

More definitions of "ordained":

  • (adj): Invested with ministerial or priestly functions.
    Example: "An ordained priest"

Famous quotes containing the word ordained:

    Dear, why should you command me to my rest,
    When now the night doth summon all to sleep?
    Methinks this time becometh lovers best;
    Night was ordained together friends to keep.
    How happy are all other living things,
    Which though the day disjoin by several flight,
    The quiet evening yet together brings,
    And each returns unto his love at night.
    Michael Drayton (1563–1631)

    Certainly it was ordained as a scourge upon the pride of human wisdom, that the wisest of us all, should thus outwit ourselves, and eternally forego our purposes in the intemperate act of pursuing them.
    Laurence Sterne (1713–1768)

    I don’t think I was constructed to be monogamous. I don’t think it’s the nature of any man to be monogamous.... Men are propelled by genetically ordained impulses over which they have no control to distribute their seed into as many females as possible.
    Marlon Brando (b. 1924)