Orbital Station

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Manned Mission To Mars - Critiques - Details - Risks of Mars Sample Return To A Lunar Base or Large Orbital Station
... return of the samples to a lunar base or to a large orbital station ... forth to Earth so will a large Earth orbital station ...
Episode Listing - Stratos 4 (2003-2004)
... a-plenty 110 "Mission Abort" March 9, 2003 Communication with Orbital Station 7 has been cut off and an emergency has been declared on Shimoji Island base ... human minds, and those under control have taken over most of Orbital Station 7, where Karin has been sent 112 "Engage!" March 23, 2003 The Shimoji Island base comes under ... sneak onto a transport rocket bound for Orbital Station 7 in order to save Karin 113 "Final Approach" March 30, 2003 With Mikaze, Shizuha, and Ayamo's help Orbital Station 7 is back under control ...
Space Elevators In Fiction - Anime, Comics, and Manga
... on the opposite ends of the world and joined by an orbital ring ... space elevator, one such that leads to an orbital ring habitat about an unnamed planet ... Kiddy Grade, anime series, in which a space elevator combined with an Orbital ring structure is used on most populated planets ...

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    I introduced her to Elena, and in that life-quickening atmosphere of a big railway station where everything is something trembling on the brink of something else, thus to be clutched and cherished, the exchange of a few words was enough to enable two totally dissimilar women to start calling each other by their pet names the very next time they met.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)