Opinion Polls About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Opinion Polls About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Since the September 11 attacks, doubts have been raised about the mainstream account of events. There have been a number of 9/11 conspiracy theories suggesting that members of the U.S. government may have deliberately covered-up and falsified events, in order to hide negligence or even complicity.

A number of 9/11 opinion polls have been carried out to assess the prevalence of various opinions and views about questions related to the attacks, both in the United States and in other countries.

The size, form and quality of polls naturally varies considerably, as does the range and specificity of questions asked. They range from large, formal polls such as those conducted by Zogby International, to smaller, informal polls of limited scope, and unscientific internet polls. The questions here relate specifically to doubts about the mainstream account, and in all cases were part of a group of questions dealing with wider issues, usually of a political nature.

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