Operative may refer to:

  • Political operative or campaign staff
  • A member of a tactical unit
  • The Operative, a character from the television series Firefly
  • The Operative: No One Lives Forever, a 2000 video game
  • Operative Media, an advertising company, founded 2000

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Canadian Co-operative Association - History
... CCA was created in 1987 by the merger of the Co-operative Union of Canada (founded on March 9, 1909) and the Co-operative College of Canada ... The Co-operative Union of Canada was formed in 1909 to encourage sharing of information, mutual self-help and concerted actions among co-operative organizations ... From 1973 to 1987, the Co-operative College of Canada was a national centre for co-operative education and research ...
Co-operative Commission - Gaitskell Commission
... The first Co-operative Commission was the Independent Co-operative Commission set up in 1956, following a resolution by the 1955 Co-operative Congress of the Co-operative Union calling for a ... Commission after its chair Hugh Gaitskell - was initially set up to consider co-operative production, but had its mandate broadened to consider co-operative ... The membership of the Commission - selected as "suitable persons not engaged in Co-operative management or administration" - was as follows Hugh Gaitskell (Chair) Tony Crosland (Secr ...
Co-operative Commission - Monks Commission - Final Report
... The Commission's final report, the co-operative advantage Creating a successful family of Co-operative businesses was published in January 2001 ... of a single brand for the consumer co-operative societies to securing co-operatives' assets for future generations of their members ... was formally presented to the Movement at the Co-operative Congress in May 2001 ...
Co-operative Commission
... The Co-operative Commission was an independent commission set up by Tony Blair at the request of leaders of the British co-operative movement ... It was the second review of its kind in the entire history of the Co-operative Movement ... its findings in the document the co-operative advantage Creating a successful family of Co-operative businesses in January 2001 ...

Famous quotes containing the word operative:

    In the operative opinion of the world, he who is already fully provided with what is necessary for him, that man shall have more; while he who is deplorably destitute of the same, he shall have taken away from him even that which he hath. Yet the world vows it is a very plain, downright matter-of-fact, plodding, humane sort of world.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    I think the fall from the farmer to the operative as great and memorable as that from the man to the farmer.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)