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Contract Bridge - Game Play - Play of The Hand
... See also Opening lead The contract level sets a specific target in the example above, the declarer must attempt to win ten tricks (the assumed "book" of ... on the declarer's left makes the opening lead by placing his selection face up on the table ... In more formal play, the opening leader first places the card face down on the table to afford his partner an opportunity to ask questions about the auction, then faces it when partner has ...
Tempo (bridge) - Examples
... In this extreme example, whoever leads first will take the first 8 tricks, regardless of the denomination ... at least two tricks—the advantage of having on opening lead makes a three-trick difference ... K J 10 4 ♣ K 7 5 4 ♣ 10 8 3 2 Lead ♥A ♠ A Q 8 3 ♥ Q 10 9 2 ♦ 9 7 6 ♣ A Q Keeping initiative—gaining tempo—by not taking a finesse can be decisive to prevent the ...
Laws Of Duplicate Bridge - Irregularities - Play Out of Turn
... In general, only the defenders are subject to penalties for opening lead or other play out of rotation (law 53-59) ... The offender's LHO may accept the lead ... If not, the lead reverts to the correct player, and the card led out of turn becomes a major penalty card ...
Lightner Double
... double in bridge, used to direct the opening lead against slam contracts ... The Lightner double is a call made by the partner of the player who will make the opening lead ... It asks for an "unusual" opening lead ...

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