Onyx Tower

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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance - Plot - Story
... He tells them of the nearby Onyx Tower, of its inhabitant, Eldrith the Betrayer, and of her quest for revenge against Baldur's Gate ... by the lizard Sess'sth, have been turned to serving the Onyx Tower ... Sleyvas leads them to the Onyx Tower, which they can only enter by taking a detour through the Elemental Plane of Water ...
Baldur's Gate (city) - Computer Games
... prevent Eldrith the Betrayer, Mistress of the Onyx Tower, from sending her army of minions into Baldur's Gate, as well as managing to destroy the Tower itself ... coerce the Harpers to enable the return of the Onyx Tower ... Mordoc then is able to teleport the Onyx Tower into Baldur's Gate, and both Mordoc and the Onyx Tower must be destroyed so life can return to normal in the ...
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II - Plot - Story
... a member of the Zhentarim, who has been using the marauders to try to bring back the Onyx Tower (the final location visited in the first game) ... as if the Zhentarim no longer wish for the Onyx Tower to be activated ... Mordoc brags about bringing the Onyx Tower back, becoming its new ruler and how the downfall of Baldur's Gate will please his allies in the East ...

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