Onslaught may refer to:

  • Onslaught (comics), a Marvel Comics supervillain
  • Onslaught (Magic: The Gathering), an expansion to the Magic: The Gathering collectible card game
  • Onslaught (video game), a 1989 Amiga beat'em up computer game
  • Onslaught (2009 video game), a 2009 Wii first-person shooter video game
  • Onslaught (band), a British thrash metal band
  • Onslaught (novel), a 2002 science fiction novel by David Sherman and Dan Cragg
  • Onslaught (Transformers) is the leader of the Combaticons, a Decepticon team in the Transformers series
  • A gametype in the first-person shooter computer game Unreal Tournament 2004
  • A co-op mode in the video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  • Onslaught (Dove), a short film/advertisement made by Dove for their Campaign for Real Beauty

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Apocalypse (comics) - Fictional Character Biography - Further Schemes
... and quickly learns of the present danger Onslaught ... Apocalypse surmises that Onslaught would be most vulnerable through the astral plane, and that he needs Cable for actual physical transportation to this realm ... the captive Franklin Richards, greatly weakening Onslaught ...
Counter-Earth (comics) - The Franklin Richards Counter-Earth - Onslaught Reborn
... The events of House of M unexpectedly resurrected Onslaught, who immediately resumed his mission to appropriate the power of Franklin Richards ... To elude Onslaught, Franklin transported himself, the Fantastic Four, and several of the Avengers to a reality resembling the circumstances of Heroes Reborn, where the heroes ... of Counter-Earth) sacrificed herself to trap Onslaught in the Negative Zone, the heroes and Franklin were returned to Earth-616, where the heroes retained no memory of the incident ...
The Force (Onslaught Album)
... The Force is the second studio album by English thrash metal band Onslaught, released in May 1986 ... Onslaught have been playing The Force in its entirety recently celebrating its anniversary on The Full Force Tour ...
Legions (Magic: The Gathering)
... Legions is the second set in the Onslaught block of cards of Magic The Gathering, along with the expansions Onslaught and Scourge ... It contained 145 cards which continued on the themes started in Onslaught ...