Omega Men

The Omega Men are a fictional team of extraterrestrial superheroes who have appeared in various comic book series published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Green Lantern #141 (June 1981), and were created by Marv Wolfman and Joe Staton.

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Auron (comics) - Auron (Omega Men)
... adult, Lambien was among the leaders of the Vegan system, known as the Omega Men, who resisted the aggression of the Citadel ... Lambien sacrifices himself to enable to rest of the Omega Men to flee to safety ... body was placed in stasis where it was later reborn during a conflict on earth between the Omega Men and the Gordanians ...
Lady Styx - Fictional Character Biography - One Year Later
... In the 2006 Omega Men miniseries, Lady Styx appears as the central antagonist, seeking powerful artifacts known as "heartstones" in her attempt to remake the universe and usurp the role of God ... She is stopped in her plan by the Omega Men and finally killed by a resurrected and empowered Felicity (wife of the Omega Men's commander-in-chief Tigorr), now re-christened Nimbus ...
Green Man (comics) - Fictional Character Biography
... Green Man's enlistment of the aid of the Omega Men in attacking the nestworld of a group of humanoid arachnids called the Spider Guild a few light years ... As a member of the Omega Men, Green Man encountered many other beings in his adventures, such as the goddess X'Hal, who lived inside the star Vega the whale-like Viathans the Psions, who performed experiments ... in the Invasion! mini-series when the Omega Men were attacked by a coalition of aliens who were eliminating any opposition, including members of the then-disbanded Green Lantern Corps ...

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