OMB is a three-letter abbreviation which may stand for:

  • One-man band, a musician performing in two or more instruments at the same time, it is very common by buskers, mainly playing country, folk, and blues.
  • Office of Management and Budget, a group that oversees the activities of federal agencies in the United States
  • Owner Managed Business, small and medium enterprises
  • Olympiade Mathématique Belge, the Belgian Mathematical Olympiad, a mathematical competition
  • Ontario Municipal Board, a tribunal involved in municipal and planning matters in the province of Ontario, Canada
  • Our Miss Brooks, an American situation comedy, starred Eve Arden
  • Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch, formerly Ocean Modeling Branch, a US weather & environment agency
  • Oregon Marching Band, the marching band for the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, United States
  • OpenMicroBlogging, the standard that allows for micro-blogging services to interoperate
  • OMB, a graphic design studio founded by Oscar Mariné Brandi
  • Organic Matter from Biomass, in Agriculture.

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Compliance Requirements - Reporting (L)
... The most common reports are pre-designed by the Federal agency, are approved by OMB, and are freely available to all recipients and the general public ... of these “universal” reports include SF-269 (OMB approval no. 0348-0039) or SF-269A (OMB no ...
Federal Funding Accountability And Transparency Act Of 2006 - Implementation
... Around the time of the Act's passage, OMB Watch, a government watchdog group, was developing a site that would do essentially everything the legislation required ... Gary Bass, director of OMB Watch, contacted Robert Shea, associate director of the OMB, offering to help with development of the new site ... was initially reluctant to collaborate with Bass, in part because OMB Watch is typically critical of the OMB, but eventually it was determined that the government site would ...
Phytolacca Dioica
... Phytolacca dioica, commonly known as ombú, is a massive evergreen tree native to the Pampa of South America ... As a result, the ombú grows fast but its wood is soft and spongy enough to be cut with a knife ... Since the sap is poisonous, the ombú is not grazed by cattle and is immune to locusts and other pests ...
United States Office Of Management And Budget - Mission
... The OMB's predominant mission is to assist the President in overseeing the preparation of the federal budget and to supervise its administration in Executive Branch agencies ... In helping to formulate the President's spending plans, the OMB evaluates the effectiveness of agency programs, policies, and procedures, assesses ... The OMB ensures that agency reports, rules, testimony, and proposed legislation are consistent with the President's Budget and with Administration policies ...
Compliance Requirements
... They are currently incorporated into the OMB A-133 Compliance Supplement, which was created by the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ... laws and regulations, and as well as its annual Single Audit, the OMB created fourteen basic and standard compliance requirements for which recipients must always comply with when receiving and using ...