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Peak Oil - Demand For Oil
... Further information Oil consumption rates, Industrialization, and Developing countries The demand side of peak oil is concerned with the consumption over time, and the growth of this demand ... World crude oil demand grew an average of 1.76% per year from 1994 to 2006, with a high of 3.4% in 2003-2004. 85.6 million barrels (13,610,000 m3) per day in 2007, world consumption decreased in both 2008 and 2009 by a total of 1.8%, due to rising fuel costs ...
List Of Countries By Oil Consumption
... In 2010, world energy consumption of refined products increased 3.8% this is the first increase since 2004, the last year with prices below US$50/bbl ... Asia accounted for more than 40% of the overall increase in consumption ... In CIS, consumption grew by 7.3% (8.9% in Russia), while rising 4.2% in the Middle East (driven by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) ...
Mitigation Of Peak Oil
... The mitigation of peak oil is the attempt to delay the date and minimize the social and economic impact of peak oil by reducing the world's consumption and reliance on ... By reducing petroleum consumption, mitigation efforts seek to favorably change the shape of the Hubbert curve, which is the graph of real oil production over time predicted by Hubbert peak theory ... The peak of this curve is known as peak oil, and by changing the shape of the curve, the timing of the peak in oil production is affected ...

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    There is held to be no surer test of civilisation than the increase per head of the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Yet alcohol and tobacco are recognisable poisons, so that their consumption has only to be carried far enough to destroy civilisation altogether.
    Havelock Ellis (1859–1939)

    Courage, determination, and hard work are all very nice, but not so nice as an oil well in the back yard.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)