• (adj): Required by obligation or compulsion or convention.
    Example: "He made all the obligatory apologies"
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Some articles on obligatory:

Currency Of Colombia - 1861–1862 United States of New Granada - Paper
... The public avoided the notes, so their acceptance was made obligatory (October 8, 1861) ... When the Supreme Court ruled that the notes were not obligatory on individuals for debts contracted before August 24, 1861, President Mosquera passed a decree (August 11, 1862) making the notes ...
Prayer In The Bahá'í Faith - Obligatory Bahá'í Prayers
... prayers, Bahá'u'lláh prescribed a daily obligatory prayer in his book of laws, the Kitáb-i-Aqdas ... The obligatory prayer is a primary religious obligation starting at the age of fifteen and it is the most important kind of prayer ... The purpose of the obligatory prayer is to foster the development of humility and devotion ...
Lent In Malta - Lent
... Lent begins by Ash Wednesday (Ras ir-Randan), that is obligatory for fasting ... not so many years ago fasting (sawm) on a daily basis was obligatory ... Rules in this respect have now been relaxed considerably, and obligatory fasting is now limited to Ash Wednesday and Good Friday ...
Ahkam Pentad
... to Islamic terminology the pentad consists of Wajib, obligatory also known as fard, rukn Mustahabb / Sunnah, recommended, also known as fadilah, mandub Mubah, neither obligatory nor ...
To Insure Prompt Service - Tipping By Region - Europe - Hungary
... on the situation, tipping might be weird, optional, expected or obligatory ... which is the very much expected or almost obligatory – though illegal – tipping of underpaid state-employed physicians (Hungary's health care system is almost completely state-run and ...

More definitions of "obligatory":

  • (adj): Morally or legally constraining or binding.
    Example: "Attendance is obligatory"; "an obligatory contribution"