• (adj): Amounting to a large indefinite number.
    Example: "Numerous times"; "the family was numerous"

Some articles on numerous:

Andrew Garton - History
... Since the mid-1970s Andrew Garton participated in numerous independent and community media initiatives in Australia and South East Asia from radio and public access video in his teens to computer networking in ... Andrew went on to perform, write and record with numerous bands, ensembles and free improvisation groups most notably Private Lives, Astrobeatniks, Lingo Babel, White Punks on Hope and Back from Nowhere ... He completed scores for numerous documentaries produced by UK's Channel 4 and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), most notably, the award winning Anyone Can be A ...
Sleman Regency - Tourism
... There are numerous hotels in Sleman, ranging from small homestays and inns to multi-star hotels ... Sleman is home to numerous museums, including Monumen Jogja Kembali (Monument to the Recapture of Yogyakarta), known colloquially as Monjali), which is dedicated to the Indonesian National Revolution ... include the history of the Indonesian Air Force as well as numerous planes, rockets, helicopters, and other military equipment ...
Maureen O'Hara (professor)
... She has won numerous awards and grants for her research, served on numerous boards, served as an editor for numerous finance journals, and chaired the dissertations ...
Mary Virginia Terhune - Biography - Final Years and Death
... writing by dictating to a secretary, completing numerous magazine articles and what would be her final novel, The Carringtons of High Hill ... Her obituary was published in numerous papers ... stories, and more than a dozen books on travel, colonial history, and biography, as well as numerous ssays, short stories, and articles for magazines and newspapers ...
Adam Saunders - Television Career
11 Corey Watkins 2005–2006 Blue Water High 29 Heath Carroll 2005 Star Space Numerous Host 2005–2006 Creature Features Numerous Co-Host 2006 K-Zone ...

Famous quotes containing the word numerous:

    O my Brothers! love your Country. Our Country is our home, the home which God has given us, placing therein a numerous family which we love and are loved by, and with which we have a more intimate and quicker communion of feeling and thought than with others; a family which by its concentration upon a given spot, and by the homogeneous nature of its elements, is destined for a special kind of activity.
    Giuseppe Mazzini (1805–1872)

    When receiving an order, many servants repeat their “yes” numerous times, especially the lazy ones.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)

    I have no friends, I only have accomplices now. On the other hand, my accomplices are more numerous than my friends: they are the human race.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)