NRO may stand for:

  • National Reconnaissance Office, a United States intelligence agency whose primary purpose is the maintenance of that country's reconnaissance satellites
  • National Review Online, web version of the magazine National Review
  • Non-resident Oriya, an informal term for people of Oriya ancestry
  • Nobeyama radio observatory, a division of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
  • Number Resource Organization, an organization that manages the allocation and registration of Internet number resources
  • National Reconciliation Ordinance, a Pakistani ordinance

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Poppy (satellite)
... The POPPY program was a continuation within NRO's Program C of the Naval Research Laboratory's Galactic Radiation and Background (GRAB) ELINT program ... The existence of the POPPY program was declassified by the NRO in September 2005, although most of the details about its capabilities and operation are still classified ... The NRO revealed, though, that the POPPY satellites, like other US SIGINT systems, used the principle of signals time difference of arrival, which enables precise locating of an object ...
Itek - History - Formation of The NRO
... to the formation of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) in 1961, with the overall mission of ensuring that satellite data was distributed properly ... was able to work within the new environment without any apparent problems, creation of the NRO led to serious political infighting with the CIA ... Under the new agreements, the NRO was supposed to supply funding for the effort, and on 18 November they agreed ...
Awards And Decorations Of The United States Government - Department of Defense - National Reconnaissance Office
... NRO Distinguished Service Medal (Gold Medal) NRO Meritorious Service Medal (Bronze Medal) NRO Superior Service Medal (Silver Medal) NRO Director's Circle Award ...
Mentor (satellite)
... Operated by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and developed with input from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), five have been launched from Cape Canaveral on ... NRO L-32, which is seen as the fifth satellite in the series, is according to NRO director Bruce Carlson "(...) the largest satellite in the world" ...
Thomas Madden - Writing - Select Popular Articles
... "Not Dead Yet The Lost Tomb of Jesus -- One Year Later", NRO, March 21, 2008 ... Response Benedict XVI Hasn't Revived the Crusades", NRO, September 18, 2006 ... Soldiers Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, NRO, May 27, 2005 ...