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  • Norman Tebbit, Britain's Future: A Conservative Vision (1985) ISBN 0-85070-743-9
  • Norman Tebbit, Britain in the 1990s (1986) ISBN 0-86048-006-2
  • Norman Tebbit, Values of Freedom (1986) ISBN 0-85070-748-X
  • Norman Tebbit, New Consensus (1988) ISBN 1-871591-00-7
  • Norman Tebbit, Upwardly Mobile (Futura, 1991) ISBN 0-297-79427-2
  • Norman Tebbit, Unfinished Business (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1991) ISBN 0-297-81149-5
  • Lindsay Jenkins Disappearing Britain: The EU and the Death of Local Government (Britain in Europe) (2005) ISBN 0-9657812-3-2. Foreword by Norman Tebbit.
  • Norman Tebbit, The Game Cook (2009) ISBN 978-1-906779-11-5

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