Norfolk, New York - Communities and Locations in Norfolk

Communities and Locations in Norfolk

  • Dishaw – A hamlet at the north town line.
  • Grantville – A hamlet in the north part of Norfolk, north of Plumbrook.
  • Marble Hill – An elevation east of Norfolk village.
  • Norfolk – The hamlet of Norfolk, north of Norwood on NY-56. This was the locale of the first settlement in the town.
  • Norwood – The north part of the village of Norwood, on NY-56, is in the southwest part of Norfolk.
  • Plumbrook – A hamlet in the east part of the town on County Road 38 (Plum Brook Road).
  • Raymondville – is a hamlet north of Norfolk hamlet on NY-56, by the west town line and the Raquette River. It was previously called "Racketon." The Raymondville Parabolic Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.
  • Yaleville – A hamlet south of Norfolk hamlet on NY-56, by the Raquette River.

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