The term Nogai can refer to more than one thing:

  • Nogai Khan was a de facto ruler of the Golden Horde.
  • Nogai Horde was a Turkic state which split from the Golden Horde in late 15th century.
  • The Nogais are a Turkic people.
  • Nogai language, the language spoken by the Nogais.
  • Nogai steppe

Other articles related to "nogai":

Talabuga - Military Career - European Campaigns
... He attended the Mongol invasion of Lithuania with Nogai under the command of Burundai in 1259 ... Alongside Nogai Khan, he led the second Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1284-1285 and the third Mongol raid against Poland in 1287 ... Galichian and Rus' dukes were ordered to go on the raid on Hungary together with Tulabuga and Nogai as well in 1285 ...
Talabuga - Death
... Russian principalities were divided among the Khan and Nogai ... Nogai exercised his control over North-western part of Rus while North and Eastern princes sided with Tulabuga ... Nogai called the khan on meeting with Chingisids and fooled him ...
Ak Nogai
... The Ak Nogai are a division of the Nogai whose dialect forms the main base for the written Nogai language ...
Manghit - Manghuds in The Mongol Empire
... See also Nogai Khan and Mongol invasion of Europe According to ancient sources, they were derived from the Khiyad Mongols ... In the Golden Horde, the Manghuds supported Nogai (d.1299) and established their own semi-independent horde from the khans in Sarai ... After Nogai's death in 1299 AD, the majority of Manghud warriors joined the service of Tokhta Khan ...