Night Journey

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Dome Of The Rock - Location, Construction and Dimensions
... commemorates Muhammad's miraculous Night Journey into heaven ... him name Jerusalem as the site of the Night Journey "When the people of Quraish did not believe me (i.e ... the story of my Night Journey), I stood up in Al-Hijr and Allah displayed Jerusalem in front of me, and I began describing Jerusalem to them while I was looking at it ...
Miguel Asín Palacios - Works - Dante Alighieri
... Asín compares the Muslim religious literature surrounding the night journey of Muhammad (from Mecca to Jerusalem and thence up with the prophets through the seven heavens), with Dante's ... Accordingly, Asín (I) discusses in detail the above night journey in Muslim literature, (II) compares it to episodes in the inferno, the purgatorio, and the paradiso of La Divina Commedia, (I ... century Kitab al-Mi'raj, which describes Muhammad's night journey ...

Famous quotes containing the words journey and/or night:

    He was calm; however, he had to be supported during the journey through the long corridors, since he planted his feet unsteadily, like a child who has just learned to walk, or as if he were about to fall through like a man who has dreamt that he is walking on water only to have a sudden doubt: but is this possible?
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    Last night you wrote on the wall: Revolution is poetry.
    Today you needn’t write; the wall has tumbled down.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)