Nicol is a given name and a surname, and may refer to:

  • Nicol David, Malaysian squash player
  • Nicol Williamson, Scottish actor
  • Abioseh Nicol, Sierra Leonean diplomat
  • Alex Nicol, American actor
  • Andy Nicol, Scottish rugby player
  • Bobby Nicol, Scottish footballer
  • C. W. Nicol, Welsh writer
  • Eduardo Nicol, Spanish-Mexican philosopher
  • Eric Nicol, Canadian humorist
  • Erskine Nicol, Scottish painter
  • George Nicol (athlete), British sprinter
  • Hector Nicol, Scottish Comedian
  • Hugh Nicol, American baseball player
  • Jacob Nicol, Canadian politician
  • James Nicol, British geologist
  • Jimmie Nicol, British drummer
  • Johnny Nicol, Australian jazz singer
  • Ken Nicol (musician), English musician
  • Ken Nicol (politician), Canadian politician
  • Lesley Nicol, New Zealand netball player
  • Mary Leakey, British anthropologist (born Mary Douglas Nicol)
  • Olive Nicol, Baroness Nicol, British politician
  • Peter Nicol, British squash player
  • Simon Nicol, English folk rock musician
  • Steve Nicol, Scottish footballer
  • Stuart Nicol, Australian footballer
  • Tom Nicol, Scottish footballer
  • William Nicol, British scientist and inventor of the Nicol prism

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