Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru (briefly known as Sister Grimm), is a fictional comic book character in the Marvel Comics award-winning series, Runaways. Created in 2003 by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona, the character first debuted in Runaways vol. 1 #1 (July 2003) with most of the other main characters. Like every member of the original Runaways, Nico is the daughter of the super-powered villains calling themselves "the Pride"; in her case, she is the daughter of dark wizards. Upon finding out, Nico runs away with the rest of the runaways but later discovers that she inherited her parents' magical aptitude. Whenever Nico bleeds, a powerful staff emerges from her chest, allowing Nico to bend magic.

By the second series, Nico is the de facto leader of her unofficial and nameless superhero team, making her one of the few Japanese-American superhero team leaders. Nico's trademark is her elaborate and ornate Gothic wardrobe. Nico is a sorceress like her parents and great-grandmother before her and can cast nearly any spell imaginable with her Staff. Nico uses her talents to make up for her parents' villainous actions and to prevent anyone from assuming the Pride's place at the top of Los Angeles organized crime.

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... Nico is a very emotional person and has repeatedly expressed difficulty with knowing precisely what she is feeling ... Nico admits to Victor that she has a tendency to seek comfort after highly emotional situations or periods of stress ... In the first volume, Nico and Alex share a brief relationship ...
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... Victor first met Nico when she and the Runaways kidnapped him to discover his true parentage she kicked Victor in the face with a stilleto heel to knock him out ... After their initial encounter, Victor and Nico grew closer and she grew to trust and accept him as part of the team ... Unbeknownst to Victor, Nico secretly swore to Chase that if Victor ever betrayed the team, she would have no reservations about killing him ...