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The show entered off-network syndication three months after the 4th season finale. In October, 2000, A&E picked up the rights to the show and eventually moved to The Biography Channel in 2003. In 2006, the show began airing on Nick at Nite and TBS for a short period of time. In July 2010, the show began airing on the ReelzChannel cable network. In July 2011, Antenna TV picked up the rights to the show to begin airing in October 2011. The majority of NewsRadio episodes were available to users in the United States via the video on demand site Hulu but as of March 2012 they are no longer available. A number of episodes from the first three seasons are currently available on the free video on demand site Crackle.

In the UK, the show aired on Paramount Comedy in the late 1990s, and has aired on Sony TV since April 2011.

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Syndication may mean:

  • Broadcast syndication, where individual stations buy programs outside of the network system
  • Print syndication, where individual newspapers or magazines license news articles, columns, or comic strips
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