Nevermore - History - Possible Disbandment/Hiatus (2011)

Possible Disbandment/Hiatus (2011)

On April 11, 2011, Nevermore cancelled their scheduled North American tour with Symphony X. Later on April 21, 2011, long time and founding members Jeff Loomis and Van Williams announced their departure from Nevermore citing personal and musical differences. In addition, on May 3, 2011 it was announced that Nevermore had cancelled their entire Australian tour. However in July 2011 Warrel Dane announced that Nevermore is not dead, and right now his main focus is on Sanctuary. Warrel Dane also mentioned that it'll be hard to keep Nevermore legacy alive, since Jeff Loomis will be tough to replace. Jeff Loomis has said that he does not rule out a reunion with Nevermore.

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