Nest - Bird Nest

Bird Nest

Most species of birds build some sort of nest, though some lay their eggs directly onto rock ledges or bare soil without first modifying the area.

Nest types vary from the very simple scrape, which is merely a shallow depression in soil or vegetation, to the elaborately woven pendant or sphere. Some birds will build nests in trees, some (such as vultures, eagles, and many seabirds like Kittiwakes) will build them on rocky ledges, and others nest on the ground or in burrows.

They may have some or all of the following zones: attachment; outer decorative layer; structural layer; lining.

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Bird Nest - In Human Culture
... Many birds nest close to human habitations and some have been specially encouraged ... Nest boxes are often used to encourage cavity nesting birds ... The saliva nest of the Edible-nest Swiftlet is used to make bird's nest soup, long considered a delicacy in China ...

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