Neolithic Period

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Pre-Columbian History Of Costa Rica - Ancient History - Neolithic Period
... Between 2000 BC and 300 BC, some communities of early farmers became egalitarian societies ... The development of agriculture prompted changes in the relationship between humans and nature, and allowed them to feed many more people ...
History Of West Yorkshire - Prehistory
... This refers to the period up to the arrival of the Romans, c.71 AD in this area ... During the early part of this period there was a land connection between what is now Germany and eastern England, making it possible for groups of hunters to wander into the area ... have been used as a hunting lookout during the Mesolithic period ...
National Museum Of Archaeology, Malta - Early Neolithic Period Room (5200–3800 BC)
... This room exhibits artifacts from the early Neolithic Period, including decorated pottery from the Għar Dalam, Grey Skorba, Red Skorba and Żebbuġ phases ... representations of the human figure and the predecessors of the statues of later temple periods ... tombs that were a characteristic of the early Neolithic period in Malta ...

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