Negatively Charged

  • (adj): Having a negative charge.

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Capillary Electrophoresis - Modes of Separation
... Since only charged ions are affected by the electric field, neutral analytes are poorly separated by capillary electrophoresis ... electroosmotic flow is directed toward the negatively charged cathode so that the buffer flows through the capillary from the source vial to the ... As a result, negatively charged analytes are attracted to the positively charged anode, counter to the EOF, while positively charged analytes are attracted to the cathode, in agreement ...
Sodium Channel - Voltage-gated - Impermeability To Other Ions
... sodium channels contains a selectivity filter made of negatively charged amino acid residues, which attract the positive Na+ ion and keep out negatively charged ions such as chloride ... Differently sized ions also cannot interact as well with the negatively charged glutamic acid residues that line the pore ...
Crystallographic Defects In Diamond - Interaction Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Defects
... a famous nitrogen-vacancy center, which can be neutral or negatively charged the negatively charged state has potential applications in quantum computing ... and H2 centers, where H2 is simply a negatively charged H3 center) and the neutral 4N-2V (H4 center) ...
Chlorhexidine - Dental
... containing chlorhexidine (0,2%) for seven days is not negatively affected by addition of ascorbic acid and sulfite (anti discoloration system ADSĀ®) while the extent of the discolorations observed ... The neutral ascorbic acid or the negatively charged ascorbate or the negatively charged sulfite should not affect the attachment of the two-fold positively charged chlorhexidine to teeth and ... Also, a combination of negatively charged sulfite or ascorbate and positively charged chlorhexidine leading to a precipitate of chlorhexidine-sulfite or chlorhexidine-ascorbate ...
Electrodialysis - Method
... Under the influence of an electrical potential difference, the negatively charged ions (e.g ... chloride) in the diluate stream migrate toward the positively charged anode ... These ions pass through the positively charged anion exchange membrane, but are prevented from further migration toward the anode by the negatively charged cation exchange membrane ...

Famous quotes containing the word charged:

    The last alternatives they face
    Of face, without the life to save,
    Being from all salvation weaned
    A stag charged both at heel and head:
    Who would come back is turned a fiend
    Instructed by the fiery dead.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)