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  • “A brilliant virtuoso, her choice of the Waldstein Sonata in C Op.53 of Beethoven showed the clarity and command she has over the keyboard”. – The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 18 September 1998
  • “Neecia Majolly’s recital reached a high level. If expressed briefly, it was the performer’s natural flair for the instrument and also her utter clarity of conception and expression that was her most impressive quality”. – The Hindu, Chennai, 2 October 1998
  • “’Madrigals, Etc.’ … one of the best vocal combos….” – Deccan Herald, Bangalore, 6 September 1999
  • “….the vocal and chamber ensemble, Madrigals, Etc., once again claimed kudos as one of the city’s most polished performing groups of Western art music….Majolly held her audience throughout the two-hour recital by carefully varying the moods, textures, and tempo of successive selection of the 15 – item programme…..Her playing emphasized dynamics, technical virtuosity, sheer speed and stamina, impressive as it was, this type of brio only exhibits a small part of the expressive range she showed as a singer and accompanist”. – Deccan Herald, Bamgalore, 3 July 2000
  • “Neecia Majolly, known for her virtuosity at the piano and as the conductor of the Madrigals Choir, must be congratulated for her effort in bringing forth this production (‘Messiah’)

The choir was truly magnificent” – The Sunday Times of India, Bangalore, 5 August 2001

  • “Musical history was made in Bangalore recently. One of the masterpieces in western classical music – Handel’s Messiah – was performed in full by a 45 strong group here.”

- The Economic Times, Bangalore, 12 August 2001

  • “Opening the evening with a very positive performance of the Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue in e minor, she established herself effortlessly in perfect control…with the two Brahms Rhapsodies…., the performer was in her element….the performance was a treat for the listener.” – The Hindu, Chennai, 15 November 2002
  • “Most people are unaware of Renaissance music, but now, thanks to the work done by Neecia and Madrigals, Etc., people are learning to appreciate and understand it.” – The Times of India, Bangalore, 28 June 2003

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