NCR can refer to several topics:

  • nCr as an abbreviation of the mathematics formula "from n choose r"
  • NCR Corporation, a technology company specializing in solutions for businesses, formerly known as National Cash Register
    • "No carbon required" paper, a carbonless copy paper first produced by NCR Corporation
  • A Nature Conservation Review, a 1977 publication by Derek Ratcliffe, listing important sites for nature conservation in Great Britain
  • National Capital Region, the conurbations that surround the national capitals of several countries
    • National Capital Region (Canada)
      • National Capital Region (Quebec)
    • National Capital Region (India)
    • National Capital Region (Japan)
    • National Capital Region (Philippines)
    • National Capital Region (United States)
  • National Catholic Register, the oldest United States Catholic newspaper
  • National Catholic Reporter, a liberal Catholic newspaper
  • National Cycle Route, numbered national cycle routes in the United Kingdom
  • New California Republic, a fictional government in the post-apocalyptic game franchise Fallout
  • Nitrogen Catabolite Repression, a cellular process regulating synthesis of nitrogen metabolic proteins in yeast
  • Non Conformance Report, used in conformance testing
  • North Coast Rocketry
  • North Cross Route in London
  • Northern Central Railway, a now-defunct railroad route converted to a fitness trail
  • Not criminally responsible, legal slang
  • Numeric character reference, a way of including a Unicode character in a web page
  • Napier City Rovers, a New Zealand association football club
  • National Credit Ratings Limited, a credit rating agency in Bangladesh
  • Navin Ramgoolam, prime minister of Mauritius

Other articles related to "ncr":

Joint Task Force National Capital Region/Medical - Integrated Delivery System
... CapMed working in conjunction with the three Service Commands and the NCR MTFs executed $19.3M installation of an Integrated Healthcare Data Network (JMED ... and email), and reduces sustainment costs throughout all NCR medical facilities ... Joint Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) provide the foundation for the NCR Medical Integrated Delivery System ...
List Of Cycleways In London - National and International Routes - National Cycle Routes
... These are the NCR 1 (Dover to Shetland), NCR 4 (London to Fishguard) and NCR 21 (Greenwich to Pevensey) ...
List Of Sites Of Special Scientific Interest In Lancashire - Sites
... SD717525 1999 AONB, SAC Bowland Fells Y Y 16,007.6 39,555.7 SD616500 1988 AONB, SPA, GCR, NCR Burton Wood Y 18.5 45.7 SD541662 1984 NCR Calf Hill And Cragg ... Dunes Y 24.7 60.9 SD311306 1991 LNR Martin Mere, Burscough Y 119.8 295.9 SD420145 1984 SPA, NCR, Ramsar site, WWT Marton Mere, Blackpool Y 39.5 97.6 SD343353 ...