Some articles on increases:

Itopride - Mechanism of Action
... Itopride increases acetylcholine concentrations by inhibiting dopamine D2 receptors and acetylcholinesterase ... Higher acetylcholine increases GI peristalsis, increases the lower esophageal sphincter pressure, stimulates gastric motility, accelerates gastric emptying ...
Cefquinome - Concerns - Resistance and Food-borne Transmission
... There are concerns that the use of the drug in animals will lead to increases in antibiotic resistance ... The potential for the development of antibiotic resistance increases as usage increases, by selecting bacteria which have acquired beta-lactamases ...
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side - Game Content - Part-time Work
... It increases all parameters ... Annery Flower Shop Although this is Shiho Arisawa's part-time job, it increases popularity and decreases academic ability ... Burger Although this is Natsumi Fujii's part-time job it increases both academic ability and popularity ...
Minnesota Association Of Professional Employees - Recent History
2003 round of negotiations resulting in wage freezes and insurance increases, the 2005 negotiations team had a resolute goal to ‘hold the line’ on insurance ... its goal by holding the line on insurance increases while managing an across the board increases for everyone ...
Export Prices
... Increases in the EPI are typically due to strong foreign demand or higher internal costs within the exporter’s country ... Generally, only increases caused by strong foreign demand are beneficial ... However, the overall effect of such increases is debatable ...

Famous quotes containing the word increases:

    It is worth the while to detect new faculties in man,—he is so much the more divine; and anything that fairly excites our admiration expands us. The Indian, who can find his way so wonderfully in the woods, possesses an intelligence which the white man does not,—and it increases my own capacity, as well as faith, to observe it. I rejoice to find that intelligence flows in other channels than I knew. It redeems for me portions of what seemed brutish before.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    ... we all know the wag’s definition of a philanthropist: a man whose charity increases directly as the square of the distance.
    George Eliot [Mary Ann (or Marian)

    The search for conspiracy only increases the elements of morbidity and paranoia and fantasy in this country. It romanticizes crimes that are terrible because of their lack of purpose. It obscures our necessary understanding, all of us, that in this life there is often tragedy without reason.
    Anthony Lewis (b. 1927)