National Vocabulary Championship

The National Vocabulary Championship (NVC) was the first-ever U.S.-wide vocabulary competition for high school students created by GSN, in association with The Princeton Review. Thirty thousand high school students from across the United States participated in the inaugural year (2006-2007).

The NVC aimed to inspire students to expand their vocabularies and narrow the achievement gap. The program offered free educational resources, created spirited competition through testing and game play, and awarded more than $100,000 annually in college tuition and other prizes.

Fifty finalists nationally received a trip to the NVC Finals, where they competed to win $40,000 toward college tuition in the form of a 529 plan and to be crowned the National Vocabulary Champion.

The host of the National Vocabulary Championship was GSN host Dylan Lane.

Owing to changes in GSN policy and administration, the NVC will no longer take place.

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