National Income

  • (noun): The total value of all income in a nation (wages and profits and interest and rents and pension payments) during a given period (usually 1 yr).

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National Income And Product Accounts - Accounting For National Income: The Left Side of The Report - Table 1: Revenue Uses of GDP
... National income and product accounts of the U.S ... Income accounts 2003 Employee compensation 6,289.00 Proprietors' income with IVA and CCA 834.10 Rental income of persons with CCA 153.80 Corporate ... Rental income of persons excludes rent paid to corporate real estate companies ...
Circular Flow Of Income - Significance of Study of Circular Flow of Income
1.Measurement of National Income- National income is an estimation of aggregation of any of economic activity of the circular flow ... It is either the income of all the factors of production or the expenditure of various sectors of economy. 2.Knowledge of Interdependence- Circular flow of income signifies the interdependence of each of activity upon one another ...
Macroeconomic Policy
... This includes national, regional, and global economies ... models that explain the relationship between such factors as national income, output, consumption, unemployment, inflation, savings, investment, international trade and international finance ... and consequences of short-run fluctuations in national income (the business cycle), and the attempt to understand the determinants of long-run economic growth (increases in national income) ...
Three Approaches To Measuring GDP
... Income approach (NY = National Income) Using the Income Approach GDP is calculated by adding up the factor incomes to the factors of production in the society ... These include National Income (NY) + Indirect Business Taxes (IBT) + Capital Consumption Allowance and Depreciation (CCA) + Net Factor Payments to the rest of the world (NFP) NY = Employee compensation ... GDP - NFP = GNP ´╝łGROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT) GNP - CCA = NNP ( NET NATIONAL PRODUCT) NNP - IBT = NY (NATIONAL INCOME) ...
Measures Of National Income And Output - National Income and Welfare - Difficulties in Measurement of National Income - Conceptual Difficulties
... has been some debate about whether to include services in the counting of national income, and if it counts as output ... are of the belief that services should be excluded from national income, most other economists though are in agreement that services should be included ... Identifying Intermediate Goods The basic concept of national income is to only include final goods, intermediate goods are never included, but in reality it is very hard to draw a clear cut line as ...

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    The question for the country now is how to secure a more equal distribution of property among the people. There can be no republican institutions with vast masses of property permanently in a few hands, and large masses of voters without property.... Let no man get by inheritance, or by will, more than will produce at four per cent interest an income ... of fifteen thousand dollars] per year, or an estate of five hundred thousand dollars.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    The national anthem belongs to the eighteenth century. In it you find us ordering God about to do our political dirty work.
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