In Sanskrit, it means daughter. It is generally used as a first name for girls. The root, nand, refers to delight, pleasure, enjoyment. The Sanskrit word nadana

In Hindu mythology, Nandini (Sanskrit: नन्‍दिनी or नंदिनी, "the enjoying") is the name of a wish-granting cow, the child of Kamadhenu and asitharishi Vasistha. She (Nandini) was owned by Sage Vasishtha and lived in his ashram.

Nandini means daughter, one who brings joy, the Ganges, Goddess Durga.

Nandini also means Bangara, meaning Gold.

Nandini in Bengali means beloved daughter and one of the 108 names for the Hindu Goddess, the God Parvati (Parvathi) or Ma Durga who is the wife of the God Shiva.

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