Nameless Hero

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Gothic II - Story - Plot
... The Nameless Hero is instructed by Xardas on the new danger, an army of evil that has gathered in the mine valley, led by dragons ... Xardas sends the Hero to Lord Hagen, leader of the paladins, to retrieve the Eye of Innos, an artifact which makes it possible to speak with the dragons and learn more about their ... The Nameless Hero starts to the City of Khorinis and after he found a way to enter the city, he learns he has to join one of the factions – the militia, the fire mages or the mercenaries – to be ...
Piled Higher And Deeper - Characters - Students
... The Nameless Hero – a graduate student in engineering, this bespectacled protagonist has procrastinated through the entire strip without receiving a name ... Little is known about the hero's background, although early on Mike Slackenerny states that he knew the hero's older brother (who quit his PhD and went on to work for a "Silicon Valley Company") ... Dee – the hero's younger sister ...

Famous quotes containing the words hero and/or nameless:

    Don’t read much now: the dude
    Who lets the girl down before
    The hero arrives, the chap
    Who’s yellow and keeps the store,
    Seem far too familiar. Get stewed:
    Books are a load of crap.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1985)

    That nameless and infinitely delicate aroma of inexpressible tenderness and attentiveness which, in every refined and honorable attachment, is contemporary with the courtship, and precedes the final banns and the rite; but which, like the bouquet of the costliest German wines, too often evaporates upon pouring love out to drink, in the disenchanting glasses of the matrimonial days and nights.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)