Nai may refer to:

  • Nai (caste), a clan/caste in India
  • Nai language, a language of Papua New Guinea
  • Nai (album), an album by singer Anna Vissi
  • Nai (pan flute), a wind instrument, also known as the Moldavian pan flute
  • Nai, Rajasthan, a village in India
  • Nai, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • "Nai" (song), a 2007 CD single by Irini Merkouri
  • ney (also ney, nye, nay), a wind instrument, more precisely an end-blown flute
  • Nai, a Thai feudal title

NAI may refer to:

  • NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI), an organization supporting research of life in the universe
  • National Amusements, Inc, a privately owned media and entertainment company
  • National Archives of India (NAI), the official archives of the government of India
  • National Association for Interpretation (NAI), a professional organization of interpreters
  • Natural Alternatives International, the company which manufactures the nutritional supplement Juice Plus
  • Network Access Identifier (NAI), an Internet standard defined in RFC 4282
  • Network Advertising Initiative, an industry trade group that develops self-regulatory standards for online advertising
  • North Allegheny Intermediate High School
  • Network Associates, Inc. (NAI), a corporation now known as McAfee, Inc
  • Neutral Atom Imaging, a technique used to image magnetospheric and ionospheric plasma populations
  • North Adria Aviation in the ICAO airline designator nomenclature
  • Netherlands Architecture Institute, a Dutch architecture institute in Rotterdam
  • New Atlantic Initiative, an international nonpartisan organization dedicated to revitalizing and expanding the Atlantic community of democracies
  • Non-accidental injury

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