Nabeshima Naomasa

Nabeshima Naomasa (鍋島 直正?, January 16, 1815 – March 8, 1871) was the 10th and final daimyō of Saga Domain in Hizen Province, Kyūshū, Japan. His honorary title was Hizen-no-Kami, and he was occasionally referred to as “Prince Hizen” in western accounts during the Bakumatsu period.

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Nabeshima Naomasa - Biography
... Naomasa was born as the 17th son of Nabeshima Narinao, the 9th daimyō of Saga Domain ... On the retirement of his father in 1830, Naomasa was appointed 10th daimyō of Saga at the age of 17 ... Thus, "Naomasa" was written (斉正) until the end of the Edo period ...