The Myrtaceae or Myrtle family are a family of dicotyledon plants, placed within the order Myrtales. Myrtle, clove, guava, feijoa, allspice, and eucalyptus belong here. All species are woody, with essential oils, and flower parts in multiples of four or five. One notable character of the family is that the phloem is located on both sides of the xylem, not just outside as in most other plants. The leaves are evergreen, alternate to mostly opposite, simple, and usually with an entire (not toothed) margin. The flowers have a base number of five petals, though in several genera the petals are minute or absent. The stamens are usually very conspicuous, brightly coloured and numerous.

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... groups include the Cunoniaceae, the Myrtaceae, the Escalloniaceae and the Proteaceae ... flora and include Cunoniaceae, Proteaceae and Myrtaceae ... Myrtaceae, although basically Gondwanan in origin, currently ranges throughout the tropical world and has reached the Northern Hemisphere ...
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