Murder, Inc. - Known Members

Known Members

  • Charles "Lucky" Luciano – Founder of the National Crime Syndicate, who used Murder, Inc. as their enforcers
  • Meyer Lansky – Luciano's right-hand man in the National Crime Syndicate, who helped form Murder, Inc.
  • Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel – helped form it alongside other mobsters
  • Vincent Mangano – boss of his own family and Murder, Inc. until the Commission took it over
  • Louis "Lepke" Buchalter
  • Albert Anastasia – Operating head until he became boss of the Gambino crime family
  • Abe "Kid Twist" Reles – Potential witness, who was murdered before he could give evidence against other members of Murder, Inc. in the early 1940s
  • Martin "Buggsy" Goldstein
  • Harry "Pittsburgh Phil" Strauss
  • Louis Capone – a member of Murder, Inc. who worked under Albert Anastasia and Louis Buchaltar. He was executed along with his partner and boss Louis Buchalter in Sing Sing penitentiary.
  • Allie "Tick Tock" Tannenbaum
  • Seymour Magoon – the only Irish member
  • Harry Maione – Leader of Italian faction of Murder, Inc. (Formerly led the Ocean Hill Hooligans before it was assimilated into Murder, Inc.)
  • Mendy Weiss
  • Hyman "Curly" Holtz
  • Jacob "Jack" Shapiro
  • Frank "The Dasher" Abbandando – belonged to the Italian faction
  • Charles "Charlie the Bug" Workman
  • Joe Adonis – belonged to the Italian faction
  • Louis Cohen
  • Frankie Carbo
  • Louis "Shadow" Kravitz
  • Philip "Little Farvel" Kovolick
  • Samuel "Red" Levine

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