The term multiplier may refer to:

In electrical engineering:

  • Binary multiplier, a digital circuit to perform rapid multiplication of two numbers in binary representation
  • Analog multiplier, a device that multiplies two analog signals
  • Frequency multiplier, a device that generates a signal at an integer multiple of its input frequency

In macroeconomics:

  • Multiplier (economics), any measure of the proportional effect of an exogenous variable on an endogenous variable
  • Fiscal multiplier, a term that measures how much aggregate demand changes in response to a change in spending
  • Money multiplier, a term that measures how much money the banking system generates when the central bank increases the monetary base

In warfare:

  • Force multiplier, a factor that dramatically increases the combat-effectiveness of a given military force.

In mathematics:

  • Lagrange multiplier, a scalar variable used in mathematics to solve an optimisation problem for a given constraint.
  • multiplier (Fourier analysis), an operator that multiplies the Fourier coefficients of a function by a specified function (known as the symbol).
  • multiplier of orbit
  • Characteristic multiplier
  • Multiplier algebra, a construction on C*-Algebras and similar structures.

In fishing:

  • A multiplier fishing reel creates less friction when casting.

In clock signal:

  • A CPU multiplier allows a CPU to perform more cycles per single cycle of the front side bus.

In lotteries

  • The PowerPlay is a multiplier for the lower-tier prizes in the US Powerball game. In the rival Mega Millions, it exists only in Texas, and is known as the Megaplier. Some lotteries that sell Powerball also offer Hot Lotto; whose Sizzler (known in North Dakota as Triple Sizzler) automatically triples non-jackpot prizes.

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Mathematics Of Bookmaking - Algebraic Interpretation
... any bet may be considered to be calculated as 'stake unit' × 'odds multiplier' ... The overall 'odds multiplier' is a combined decimal odds value and is the result of all the individual bets that make up a full cover bet, including ... if a successful £10 Yankee returned £461.35 then the overall 'odds multiplier' (OM) is 46.135 ...
Shikigami No Shiro - Game Play - Tension Bonus System (TBS)
... When player is close to enemy bullet, player gains multiplier based on distance of bullet from player's centre, with closer distance receiving higher multiplier ... The multiplier ranges from 2x to 8x ... Score multiplier is applied when destroying enemy or retrieving item ...
Multiplier (economics) - History
... precise formulation" of interdependent systems in economics and the origin of multiplier theory ... t+1), and a constant rate of flow yields geometric series, which computes a multiplier ... The modern theory of the multiplier was developed in the 1930s, by Kahn, Keynes, Giblin, and others, following earlier work in the 1890s by the Australian economist Alfred De Lissa, the Danish economist ...
Shienryu Explosion/Steel Dragon Evolution - Multiplier System
... A star's multiplier is between 1 to 256 when the star is collected, but the multiplier value decreases when the fighter fires more heavily ... Only when the fighter fires weak or no shots that the star's multiplier is at 256 ...