Multimodal Integration

Multimodal integration, also known as multisensory integration, is the study of how information from the different sensory modalities, such as sight, sound, touch, smell, self-motion and taste, may be integrated by the nervous system. A coherent representation of objects combining modalities enables us to have meaningful perceptual experiences. Indeed, multisensory integration is central to adaptive behavior because it allows us to perceive a world of coherent perceptual entities. Multimodal integration also deals with how different sensory modalities interact with one another and alter each other’s processing.

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Multimodal Integration - Development of Multimodal Operations
... The integration (empiricist) view states that at birth, sensory modalities are not at all connected ... is not until two weeks after birth that the first multimodal neurons appear ... cells however, along with cats there is no integration effect apparent until much later (Wallace, 2004) ...

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