In Brunei, a mukim is a subdivision of a daerah (district). The equivalent of the word 'mukim' in English would be 'sub-district'.

In Malaysia, a mukim can either be a subdivision of a daerah (district) or a subdivision of sub-district, (Section 11(c) of the National Land Code 1965)

In Singapore, a mukim is one (along with town subdivisions) of two varieties of survey districts.

In Aceh, Indonesia, a mukim is subdivision of a subdistrict. A mukim contains some villages.

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... Lamunin is a mukim in the Tutong District of Brunei ... in the east, centre of the Tutong District, bordering Mukim Kiudang to the north, Limbang, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the east, Mukim Rambai to the south and south-west ...
Labu, Brunei
... Labu is a mukim in the Temburong District of Brunei ... Bay to the north, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the east, Mukim Batu Apoi to the south, Mukim Bangar to the south-west and Limbang, Sarawak (Malaysia) to the ... Mukim Labu contains several islands Pulau Selirong, Pulau Selanjak, Pulau Siarau and Pulau Pituat ...
Liang, Belait
... Liang is a mukim in the Belait District of Brunei ... the Belait District facing the South China Sea, bordering Mukim Telisai (Tutong District) to the north-east, Mukim Bukit Sawat to the south-east, Mukim Labi to the south and Mukim Seria to the ...
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... Sub-District Pengkalan Kubor have eight Mukim ... Mukim Geting, Mukim Tebing, Mukim Ketil, Mukim Tanjong, Mukim Simpangan, Mukim Jubakar Darat, Mukim Jejulok and Mukim Bendang Pak Yong ... The Leaders of Mukim was called Penghulu (Ketua Kampung) or Head Villagers ...
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... Singapore's 34 mukim survey districts originally comprised the rural areas of Singapore ... as development on the island has spread, many mukims (such as Tanglin) are now in areas that would be considered suburban or urban ...