Moufang is the family name of the following people:

  • Christoph Moufang (1817–1890), a Roman Catholic cleric
  • Ruth Moufang (1905–1977), a German mathematician, after whom several concepts in mathematics are named:
    • Moufang–Lie algebra
    • Moufang loop
    • Moufang polygon
    • Moufang plane
  • David Moufang, an ambient techno musician
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Moufang Plane
... In mathematics, a Moufang plane, named for Ruth Moufang, is a type of projective plane, characterised by the property that the group of automorphisms fixing all points of any given ... Every Desarguesian plane is a Moufang plane, and (as a consequence of the Artin–Zorn theorem) every finite Moufang plane is Desarguesian, but some infinite Moufang planes are non-Desarguesian ... The projective plane over any alternative division ring is a Moufang plane, and this gives a 11 correspondence between isomorphism classes of alternative division rings and ...
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Moufang Polygon
... In mathematics, a Moufang polygon, named after Ruth Moufang, is an irreducible building of rank two that admits the action of root groups ... theorem, proved independently by Tits and Weiss, showed that a Moufang polygon must be a generalized 3-gon, 4-gon, 6-gon, or 8-gon, so the purpose of the aforementioned book was to analyze these four cases ...
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