Mother Ship

A mother ship (or mothership) is a vehicle (e.g. ship, aircraft or spacecraft) that serves or carries one or more smaller vehicles. Examples include bombers converted to carry experimental aircraft to altitudes where they can conduct their research (such as the B-52 carrying the X-15), or ships that carry small submarines to an area of ocean to be explored (such as the Atlantis II carrying the Alvin). The mother ship may also recover the smaller craft, or may go its own way after releasing it.

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Mother Ship - In Science Fiction and UFOs
... word) clearly implies that the other ships in the fleet are dependent on the mothership for at least some services ... will take up station in an area and remain there for long periods, while smaller ships sortie to interesting destinations ... A variant of the term mother ship can be traced to the hundreds of claimed UFO sightings in the U.S ...

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