Montane Forest

Montane Forest

Montane ecology is the branch of ecology that studies life systems on mountains or other high elevation regions on the Earth. The ecosystems on mountains are strongly affected by climate, which gets colder as elevation increases. Because of this, mountain ecosystems form life zones, which are stratified according to elevation. Dense forests are common at moderate elevations. However, as the elevation increases, the climate becomes harsher, and the plant community transitions to grasslands or tundra.

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Cascades (ecoregion) - Level IV Ecoregions - High Southern Cascades Montane Forest (4e)
... The High Southern Cascades Montane Forest ecoregion is an undulating, glaciated, volcanic plateau punctuated by isolated buttes and cones ... Cryic soils support mixed coniferous forests dominated by mountain hemlock, lodgepole pine, and Pacific silver fir they are colder than the mesic and frigid soils of the Southern Cascades ... The region tends to be drier than the Cascade Crest Montane Forest, with a longer summer drought and more intermittent streams ...
Sierra Nevada Lower Montane Forest
... The Sierra Nevada lower montane forest is a plant community along a strip along the western edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California ... This zone is also known as a Yellow pine forest ... At the lower elevation of this forest, the hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters of the Mediterranean climate give rise to the lower montane forest zone ...
Climate Of Mount Kenya - Past Climate - Overview
... Upper montane forest species occurred where presently lower montane forest species are and there is evidence that montane forest was widespread at lower altitudes. 5-6 °C cooler than present and there was a general rain forest retreat ... By 13.8 kya the climate had moistened and montane forest was again spreading after a minimum during the LGM ...
Montane Ecology - Life Zones
... One of the typical life zones on mountains is the montane forest at moderate elevations, the rainfall and temperate climate encourages dense forests to grow ... Holdridge defines the climate of montane forest as having a biotemperature of between 6 and 12 °C (43 and 54 °F), where biotemperature is the mean temperature considering temperatures below 0 °C ... Above the elevation of the montane forest, the trees thin out in the subalpine zone, become twisted krummholz, and eventually fail to grow ...
Montane Forest - Alpine Grasslands and Tundra
... The biome, called "Montane grasslands and shrublands," often evolved as virtual islands, separated from other montane regions by warmer, lower elevation regions, and are frequently home to many ... The most extensive montane grasslands and shrublands occur in the Neotropic Paramo of the Andes Mountains ... A unique feature of many wet tropical montane regions is the presence of giant rosette plants from a variety of plant families, such as Lobelia (Afrotropic), Puya (Neotropic), Cyathea (New ...

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