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Mongoose Publishing is a prolific British manufacturer of role-playing games, miniatures, and card games, actively publishing material since 2001. Its licenses include products based on the popular science fiction properties Traveller, Judge Dredd, and Paranoia, as well as fantasy titles Conan the Barbarian and RuneQuest.

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Babylon 5: A Call To Arms (game)
... boardgame released in September 2004 by Mongoose Publishing, designed initially as an expansion to their Babylon 5 The Roleplaying Game, it is a complete game ... The game's popularity exceeded Mongoose Publishing's initial expectations and has expanded to include new rules supplements and new miniatures a second edition of the ... Mongoose Publishing announced on their website in February 2008 that all production of miniatures for the line would cease as of March 2008 ...
Traveller (role-playing Game) - Publishing History - Editions - Mongoose Traveller (2008, Mongoose Publishing)
... Mongoose Publishing produced a major revision of the original Classic Traveller game, offering it both in a traditional format and as an open-source SRD around which other games may be built ... Mongoose Publishing holds the license for ten years ...
Babylon 5: A Call To Arms (game) - History
... process for what was essentially still a new game and Mongoose Publishing decided to publish in September 2005 a more comprehensive update for the game in the form of the ... Over the next year there were numerous articles in Mongoose's Signs Portents magazine, and smaller supplements to cover the Earth-Minbari War, fleets for the ... introduction of a new (Armageddon) priority level and Mongoose's problems with moulds for many ships collapsing ...
List Of Miniature Wargames - Science Fiction
2004) Alien Squad Leader (, 2005) A Call to Arms Babylon 5 Space Combat (Mongoose Publishing, 2004) A Fistful of Sardaukar (A Fistful of Games, unknown) AT-43 (Rackham, 2006) Attack Vector ... Starship Marine (Jim Wallman, 1974) Starship Troopers The Miniatures Game (Mongoose Publishing, 2005) StarSoldier (Simulations Publications, Inc ...

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