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Australia-Canada Relations - Comparison of Australia and Canada - Monarchy
... have shown shifts in the popularity of the monarchy, although to date, only Australia has held a national referendum on moving to a republican form of government, in 1999 ... Paul Keating") have expressed support for ending the monarchy, it is not the policy of any of the three main federal parties ... any constitutional change regarding the monarchy would require the consent of each country's states or provinces ...

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    ... feminism is the attempt of women to grow up, to accept the responsibilities of life, to outgrow those characteristics of childhood—selfishness and unworldliness—that we require our boys to outgrow, but that we permit and by our social system encourage our girls to retain.
    Henrietta Rodman (1878–?)

    How can a monarchy be a suitable thing, which allows a man to do as he pleases with none to hold him to account. And even if you were to take the best man on earth, and put him into a monarchy, you put outside him the thoughts that usually guide him.
    Herodotus (c. 484–424 B.C.)