Molecular Weight

  • (noun): (chemistry) the sum of the relative atomic masses of the constituent atoms of a molecule.
    Synonyms: relative molecular mass

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Mark–Houwink Equation - Applications
... Then the molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity relationship is defined ... Also, the molecular weights of two different polymers in a particular solvent can be related using the Mark–Houwink equation when the polymer-solvent systems have the ... in toluene can be run in a GPC and the molecular weight of polyethylene can be found according to the polystyrene calibration curve via the above equation ...
Chain Transfer
... → PX + R'• Chain transfer reactions reduce the average molecular weight of the final polymer ... determines the theoretical maximum molecular weight that can be achieved by a given monomer ... Unless the solvent is chosen to be inert, very low molecular weight polymers (oligomers) can result ...
Smart Rubber - Synthesis
... When you change the degree of the backbone branching and the molecular weight by changing the di- and triacids and also by end-capping before the condensation reaction some acid groups with 2-aminoethylimidazolidone (UD ... stoichiometries of DETA and UDETA with the fatty acids give us the control to make the molecular weight different, the branching degrees, and the number of H-bonding moieties for each molecule ... The smart rubber is only made when you synthesize with the highest molecular weight of materials and it also has a particularly long relaxation time ...
Leucocyte Common Antigen
... Leucocyte common antigen family is a group of high molecular weight glycoproteins uniquely expressed on the surface of all leukocytes and their hemopoietic progenitor cells ... Thymocytes express the lowest molecular weight form, B lymphocytes express the highest molecular weight form ...
Autoacceleration - Results
... to add monomer for longer time periods, raising the weight average molecular weight dramatically ... However, the number average molecular weight only increases slightly, leading to broadening of the molecular weight distribution (high polydispersity index, very polydispersed product) ...

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