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Mole Lake
... There are several uses of the term Mole Lake, all related to a Native American tribe in Wisconsin Mole Lake, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community Battle of Mole Lake Mole Lake Band of Lake ...
List Of Marvel Comics Characters: M - Mole - Mole in Other Media
... Mole first appeared in the X-Men episode "Til Death Do Us Part" as a member of the Morlocks ... In the episode "Secrets Not Long Buried", Mole is one of the many residents of the mutant-dominated community of Skull Mesa ... Mole Man Molecula Molecule Man Molten Man (aka Mark Raxton) Mondo Mongoose Alison Mongrain ...
Mole, Shwegu
... Mole, Shwegu is a village in Shwegu Township in Bhamo District in the Kachin State of north-eastern Burma ...
Lancelot De Mole
... Lancelot Eldin "Lance" de Mole CBE, (13 March 1880 – 6 May 1950) was an Australian engineer and inventor ... World War I, a Royal Commission recognized the importance of de Mole's innovative work, and noted the unfortunate consequences of his submissions being overlooked and, therefore, having no connection with ...
List Of Mission: Impossible Characters - Film Series
... Kittridge he is told that the whole mission was a mole hunt and everything he had been lead to believe about the mission was false information ... he goes on the hunt for an arms dealer code named "Max" who will lead him to the real mole who Ethan discovers is called "Job" ... Upon finding it, he discovers that the mole Job is actually Jim Phelps who turns up alive the next day trying to pass off Kittridge as the mole ...

Famous quotes containing the word mole:

    For like a mole I journey in the dark,
    A-travelling along the underground
    John Davidson (1857–1909)

    The ignorance and darkness that is in us, no more hinders nor confines the knowledge that is in others, than the blindness of a mole is an argument against the quicksightedness of an eagle.
    John Locke (1632–1704)

    On her left breast
    A mole cinque-spotted, like the crimson drops
    I’ th’ bottom of a cowslip.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)