Moldavian Plateau - Composition


The Moldavian Plateau comprises several distinct regions:

  • The Bukovinian Subcarpathians in the northwest.
  • The Moldavian Subcarpathians in the west and southwest, has altitudes of up to 1,000 metres (3,281 ft), but also includes depressions.
  • The Suceava Plateau (Romanian: Podişul Sucevei), situated in the northwest, has altitudes that exceed 700 metres (2,297 ft) and long ridges.
  • The Dniester Hills (Romanian: Dealurile Nistrului), also known as Northern Moldavian Plateau (Podişul Moldovei de Nord), situated in the north and northeast, ridges along the Dniester River and has elevations of approximately 300 metres (984 ft).
  • The Moldavian Plain (Romanian: Câmpia Moldovei), in the center-north has elevations of approximately 200 metres (656 ft):
    • The Jijia Plain, west of the river Prut.
    • The Middle Prut Valley, east of the river Prut, creeks tributary to the Prut, 2,930 square kilometres (1,131 sq mi).
    • The Bălţi Steppe, east of the river Prut, creeks tributary to the Dniester, 1,920 square kilometres (741 sq mi).
  • The Bârlad Plateau (Romanian: Podişul Bârladului), situated in the south-center occasionally has heights over 500 metres (1,640 ft), but is generally sloped from north at 400 metres (1,312 ft) to the south at 200 metres (656 ft).
  • The Central Moldavian Plateau (Romanian: Podişul Moldovei Centrale), situated in the center and southeast, has elevations that in the north-south direction decrease in altitude from 400 metres (1,312 ft) to under 200 metres (656 ft).
  • The Bugeac Plain, the last continuation of the Pontic steppe.

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