M.O.L. is a home-made DVD by American rock band Disturbed, released in 2002. It is a documentary following the various activities of the band while in the studio and during touring. It also contains music videos and live performances of various songs from Disturbed's debut album, The Sickness. The DVD also contains performances of two other songs, including a music video for the demo version of a song titled "Perfect Insanity" (which was later re-recorded for the band's fourth studio album, Indestructible) and a non-album track, titled "A Welcome Burden" (which later appeared on the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Sickness), as well as interviews with members of the band.

M.O.L. stands for "Meaning of Life", which is a song from The Sickness, although it is not featured on this DVD, except for in between chapters, where it is played briefly in the background (other songs have also been played this way).

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