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Richard J. Evans - Career As A Historian
... Evans was drawn to modern German history in the late 1960s because of what he saw as parallels between the Vietnam War and German imperialism ... Evans first established his academic reputation on the Second Reich period of German history ... Fischer, whom he credits with inspiring him to study modern German history ...
High German Consonant Shift - Overview Table
... the shift are most obvious for the non-specialist when comparing Modern German lexemes containing shifted consonants with their Modern English or Dutch ... German Zeit means 'time' but it is cognate with tide, and only the latter is relevant here ... PIE→Germanic Phase High German Shift Germanic→OHG Examples (Modern German) Century Geographical Extent1 Standard German? Standard Dutch? G *b→*p 1 *p→ff schlafen ...
Luther Bible - Impact
... The Luther Bible was not the first German Bible translation, but it was the most influential ... Luther's German Bible and its widespread circulation facilitated the emergence of a standard, modern German language for the German-speaking peoples throughout the Holy Roman Empire ... It is also considered a landmark in German literature, with Luther's vernacular style often praised by modern German sources for the forceful vigor ("kraftvolles Deutsch") with which he ...
Germanic Strong Verb - Class 2
... Saxon friosan friusid frōs frurun gifroran Old High German friosan friusit frōs frurun gifroran Old Norse frjósa frýss fraus frusu frosinn Gothic liugan liugi ... scūfan scŷfþ scēaf scufon scofen ("to shove") In Modern English, this is a small group characterised by the o vowel of the participle being assimilated to the ... In Old High German, the usual pattern is biogan biugu boug bugum gibogan ("to bend") An Old High German example with present stem in ū sūfan siufu souf sufum gisofan ("to drink") An example with wandel ...
Middle High German Verbs - Anomalous Verbs
... and will thus make up the remaining group "tuon" (Modern German 'tun', English 'to do') "gân"/"gên" (Modern German 'gehen', English 'to go') "stân"/"stên" (Modern German 'stehen', English ...

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    Many of our German friends before the war would come as our guest to hunt wild pig. I refused to invite Goering. I could not tolerate his killing a wild pig— seemed too much like brother against brother.
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz, U.S. director, screenwriter. Joseph L. Mankiewicz. Countess (Danielle Darrieux)

    The complaint ... about modern steel furniture, modern glass houses, modern red bars and modern streamlined trains and cars is that all these objets modernes, while adequate and amusing in themselves, tend to make the people who use them look dated. It is an honest criticism. The human race has done nothing much about changing its own appearance to conform to the form and texture of its appurtenances.
    —E.B. (Elwyn Brooks)